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3 Ways Your Child Benefits from Back-to-School Dental Checkups

August 14, 2022

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Child smiling in school after visiting a children’s dentist

Children who experience dental problems in school tend to do poorer academically. Not only that, but they are usually more likely to be absent, which can cause them to fall behind in their studies and make their lives even harder. As you begin your back-to-school shopping, make sure that a visit to a children’s dentist is on your to-do list as well! Getting them scheduled has many benefits, but so does scheduling while there’s still time left ahead of their first day of classes!


A Great School Year Starts with a Healthy Smile

July 24, 2022

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young girl playing on playgym outdoors

Most parents and kids will be gearing up for a new school year over the next few weeks – while you’re making a list of items to get, like a new backpack, fresh paper, and sharp pencils, don’t forget to put a trip to the children’s dentist down, too. More than just a “good idea”, recent research suggests that making sure your child is in excellent oral health can actually lead to improved performance in school. Keep reading to find out why. 


Can Cosmetic Dental Treatments Help Your Career?

May 4, 2022

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happy professional man

When you have a job interview coming up or a potential promotion on the line, it can be an exciting or anxious time because it can significantly impact your life. It makes sense you would be considering every possible thing to maximize your chances of success.  While having a positive attitude is important, you might be surprised to know how impactful a confident smile can be. Read on to learn from your dentist in Garland some ways cosmetic dental treatments can boost your career opportunities!


Can You Save Money by Choosing Dental Implants?

March 18, 2022

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Close-up of dentist holding a dental implant

After researching different tooth replacement methods, you’ve found that dental implants tend to be more costly than other treatments. As such, you’re thinking that a traditional bridge or denture might be the better financial choice. But before you make any decisions, consider this: dental implants have many advantages that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy with other tooth replacement options, and some of those advantages could help save you money in the long term. The following post explores how the initial dental implant cost is balanced out over time.   


Get a Healthy Smile in 2022 with These 4 Simple New Year’s Resolutions

January 3, 2022

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young man with a confident healthy smile

Another January is finally here, and if you’re like most people, you’re using the start of a new year as an opportunity to improve yourself. Instead of setting vague, unattainable goals, why not make a few easy New Year’s resolutions designed to benefit your smile’s health and appearance? These four simple, achievable resolutions can help you maintain a healthy smile for all of 2022 and for many years to come!


Is It Really Worth Paying for Dental Insurance?

November 1, 2021

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Two hands holding giant tooth and coins

When you glance at your paycheck, you notice a portion has been removed to pay for your dental insurance. You might be wondering: is it really worth paying a premium every month? After all, you haven’t had a toothache or any obvious oral health trouble recently. The truth is, in most cases, dental insurance is definitely worth it. Keep reading below to find out why.  


Invisalign – Discreet Orthodontic Treatment and Much More!

May 2, 2021

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woman knows the benefits of Invisalign

In the not-so-distant past, the only way to straighten teeth was to wear a set of metal braces. Gladly, things have changed, as there is now an alternative method of correcting crooked, gapped or misaligned teeth: Invisalign clear braces. Because of its transparent-plastic design, Invisalign provides patients with a discreet look throughout the treatment process, but that’s not all that it has to offer. Continue reading to learn about the other benefits of Invisalign!


Lies! 4 Dental Implant Myths It’s Time to Debunk

April 13, 2021

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a digital image of a skeleton with a single tooth dental implant in the lower arch

If you ask any dental professional, they will tell you that dental implants are considered the gold standard for tooth replacement. Offering far greater benefits than any other solution available, patients can expect greater functionality, oral health, jawbone preservation, and smile longevity. But what about all the misinformation found online that contradicts what the professionals say? A local dentist is here to set the record straight and debunk 4 dental implant myths so you can get the information you need to make the right decision about the future of your smile.


Don’t Wait Until Your Dental Insurance Expires

October 3, 2020

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Dentist on calendar to use dental insurance. Did you know your smile needs more than just your toothbrush and floss to stay healthy? The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends you visit your dentist at least twice a year. It’s easier than ever to get the care you need because you’re among the 164 million Americans who have private dental insurance. Unfortunately, if you don’t act fast, you’re going to lose any coverage you haven’t used. Don’t wait until it’s too late to visit your dentist. Here’s why you should schedule an appointment before the end of 2020.


Visit Your Dentist & Avoid the ER, Especially Now

March 24, 2020

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Man in blue shirt having a dental emergency

During the COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses have closed to prevent the spread of the virus. While dentists are closed for elective treatments, they are still ready to treat dental emergencies and get you out of pain. So, if you have a dental emergency, should you visit your dentist in Garland, or the nearest urgent care facility? Keep reading to see why your dentist is the best option!

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